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Up to 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty available

Transmission Repair

Fixing your transmission problem right starts with diagnosing your problem correctly. That’s why at Joe‘s Pit Stop we perform our exclusive Multi-Point Transmission Diagnostics Test on every vehicle before we do any transmission repair or service.

These diagnostics includes a computer scan of your transmission computer, an internal pressure test of your internal hydraulic system, checking all external components that make your transmission perform properly. We will perform a road test to experience your issue first hand and to evaluate the gear range, upshift and downshift ease and quality as well as check for noises and vibrations.

Through these extensive checks your Joe‘s Pit Stop technician will diagnose your transmission problem correctly to then recommend the right repair for your transmission issue.

Services Provided:
Automatic Transmission Rebuilds
Standard Transmission Rebuilds
Differential Rebuilds
Driveshaft Replacement


Our Advanced Computer Diagnostics are the next level of diagnostics that ensure Joe‘s Pit Stop will only fix what is needed. Many transmission problems start in the computer system – where your transmission receives the wrong signals. Joe‘s Pit Stop diagnostic service is performed to determine if an electronic component is impairing your transmissions shifting or overall performance. Then, we will determine the fix after the diagnosis is performed.

This includes:
• Using a computer system scanner to retrieve trouble codes and their cause.
• Reviewing the computer system data against our technical database – the most extensive transmission diagnostic source available.
• Connecting Joe‘s Pit Stop KwiktestTM PlusBox to see if the issue is internal or external to the transmission.

major engine repair

We provide both gasoline and diesel engine repair for all cars and light duty and medium duty trucks.

We have three avenues of repair for your major engine problems depending on both your budget and your needs from factory rebuilds and replacement to performance rebuilds.

1) We can rebuild your engine in house which gives us the control to build whatever you desire in performance.

2) We can sell and install a remanufactured engine from a quality remanufacturer which saves both time and dollars.

3) We can sell and install a low mileage used engine for the customer on a stricter budget.

General auto services

Joe‘s Pit Stop is here to keep up the General Maintenance of your car or light truck. Below is a list of the services we provide to keep you on the road and your vehicle in top condition.

• Air Conditioning
• Belts and Hoses
• Check Engine Light
• Heating and Coolant Systems
• Steering and Suspension
• Electrical Issues

• Batteries
• Brake Service
• Drivelines
• Mufflers and Exhaust
• Tune Ups
• Electrical


Joe's Pit Stop 5 stars

Chris did a great job diagnosing and repairing my Ford F250. He was very persistent, as the Ford was stubborn and didn't want to be fixed. Very fair pricing and great service.
–Patrick M

Joe's Pit Stop 5 stars

Great Service very professional Great mechanics Chris was awesome and I recommend this place to anybody.
– Patrick M

Joe's Pit Stop 5 stars

Excellent Customer service!!! Joe's went ABOVE and BEYOND to make sure I was accommodated while having issues with my vehicle. They took pride in their work, and addressed all issues I had. I appreciate their hard work, and dedication. I'd definitely recommend them.
– Daverica Parker

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